Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Enrage: magazine cover

Oh man, I'm not sure why, but this cover is really getting to people. I keep overhearing conversations where the phrase "so obviously photoshopped" is hissed as the issue gets flung back on the rack. Why the rage? It's so photoshopped it's not tricking anyone right? Photoshop's complex digital processes don't leave behind toxins our children and our children's children will inherit, do they?

Maybe celebrities really shouldn't promote anything but their own movies. People always sound like such haters when they say this, but maybe it's true. Like, for instance, what's he scowling about? Is he scowling at me because I am polluting the earth? So is he! Movies are made of plastic, Leo. What movie's he coming out with anyway? He's not just on there for that damn Prius is he? Sigh. And to think how deeply I loved him on Growing Pains.

UPDATE DiCaprio's made a documentary about personal environmental responsibility called The 11th Hour, and is showing it at the Cannes Film Festival in France. 20MAY07

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