Friday, February 16, 2007


I was recently asked how my blog was going.

Just as my cyber spirits lifted, "The Written Nerd's been reading me!", the hard facts burst through the shimmer, so gross and so familiar.

I punked out and joked that I was writing it in my head. This lame response was rightly and clearly noted as such. Off she and the conversation went like so many rolled eyes and fallen crests before.

Accountability is a beautiful thing really. Strong and simple, "Did you do what you said you would?" is always there to face squarely or slink away from. Always.

I must must must remember that the plain truth of what I've actually gotten done is the most accurate indication of who I am, far surpassing any to-do list, no matter how brilliant in scope or range or penmanship.

Integrity, honesty, and truth. The simple, the plain, and the uncluttered all beckon with the beauty of their strength.

"You will like it here. We are noble and unworried. No one at all can fuck with us."

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