Friday, February 16, 2007

Beauty Shmooty. Grandeur Blandeur

Beauty schmooty!! scoffs Hal Duncan. It's not about the universal grandeur of this or the ennobling glory of that. Your aesthetics are your business. They are the set of your own visceral responses to the stimuli of the world around you.

Those that elate you are just as much a part of your aesthetic as those that enrage you. Elate or enrage, "fight or fuck", you are a taste-making factory all your own.

So what? you say? Well, I'm not sure what other than I like having the conversation open to what we hate and not just what glorifies this priceless existence.

There is, as usual, so much more to this post (including the purpose of sentience and science experiements with angry monkeys), but I will not be tackling it now.

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