Friday, February 19, 2010

most beautiful thing of the week: digital aggretators

i spent some time with, got to know, and fell swiftly in love with google reader this week and also, consequently, the infinite internet.

(i was, as you might imagine, already host to serious crush on said 'net, but this is a different feeling--deeper, more reverent and likely more lasting.)

since about tuesday night, much of each evening and parts of my days have been spent scanning links and posts for as much information as i could possibly take in about what is possible as of today and what news of clever and/or significant events is circulating.

the best part comes during the day as the things i learned alone at night inform, augment and are further, more tangibly, transmitted by my interactions.

cultural capital is the most fun to spend.

and, too, it feels like starting to stretch my mind, hug-style, around and throughout the whole world.

it feels extraordinary, really

still, like finally getting around to reading some long-beloved novel and then finding, of course, that your very-personal-feeling praise is, for the most part, a sermon to the long-since converted, i am saddled with the silly, silly struggle of wanting to tell you--here on the internet, servicably deep into the 21st century--how cool it is to really, and finally, be hooked into what's happening here.

q: better late than never, eh?
a: well, yes--but just barely.

as there is not much to be done about that particular dilemma at the moment, i will end here tonight and say simply

i am happy to finally be using the internet right. *

* some months ago, i mentioned to DWK that i do not generally lose track of time searching internet's infinite (?) depths, to which he flatly replied, "you're not using it right."

thanks: kcg, jc, ja, ear, dwk, jt

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