Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Art and Beauty Bookclub at McNally Robinson Booksellers NYC

I started a bookclub at McNally Robinson Booksellers in New York City earlier this year. Our first three books were on fundamental aspects of the visual arts. The first was a catalog of the perceived artistic temperament; the second was an investigation of the experience of viewing images--paintings in particular; and the third was on the existence and signifcance of photographs.

On September 12th, at 7pm we will be discussing Survival of the Prettiest, Nancy Etcoff's study of the psychological and biological characteristics in humans that respond to physical beauty. I'm particularly excited about this book because Etcoff's premise is that while beauty can be analyzed into abstraction, it remains fundamentally powerful to human beings on a physiological level.

The bookclub is open to all and free of charge. Come through, it's a great time.

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